Laboratory Results



In order to make test results available to you in a timely manner, you are able to retrieve your results by using the MyChart feature of the NextMD Patient Portal. Lab results are typically available seven to ten days after the lab test is performed.  You may view your lab results by requesting and downloading the MyChart feature of the NextMD Patient Portal at any time, day or night. On the NextMD Patient Portal, you have the ability to discuss your lab results with your provider via the messaging feature. Please rest assured that any urgent test results will be reported to you immediately. 

To retrieve your results online:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to MyChart
  3. Select Request Health Record
  4. Log off of your NextMD Patinet portal for approx. 30 minutes for most recent health record to populate.
  5. Log into your NextMD Patinet Portal
  6. Select MyChart
  7. Select View Health Record
  8. Select Labs to view your entire history of lab results at PPA.

*Please note that your most recent lab results will only populate if they have been signed off on by your provider. 


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