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We recently rolled out our new Patient Portal, by Intelichart. This new portal can be found at or via the Patient Portal link above. We will no longer be using the NextMD portal that you may be familiar with.

This new portal offers a modern interface as well as enhanced features for our patients. With Intelichart Patient Portal, you have the most comprehensive control over your care and your health information. We have already enrolled over 12,000 of our patients in this new portal and have heard great feedback.


How to enroll in our new Patient Portal

  1. If you already have a patient portal account with our old system (NextMD)
    1. You received an email invitation to join the new portal during the week of 8/18-8/24. Please find this email and follow the provided link and instructions
  2. Other methods
    1. Auto enrollment: A link is emailed to you after any visit you have had since August 2020. This links will allow you to request a pin and set up your new account.
    2. Manual enrollment: Staff members can manually send an enrollment PIN to either your email or phone allowing you to register with a password and security question.

Enrollment Tutorial Video


FAQ about enrollment

Q.  I cannot login to my NextMD account

A.  We no longer use Next MD. Your data has been securely removed. IF you use NextMD with other practices you can continue to do so.

Q. My old username does not work in the new system

A. Correct, it is a new system. The new system uses your unique email as your username. You will need to set up a password and security question for password reset/ recovery

Q. Why will the new system will not let me reset my password?

A. Did you complete your registration with the new system? If not, you do not have an account with Intelichart. Please see above for enrollment options

Q. I got an enrollment PIN for the practice but when I tried to enroll it says I already have an account with the same username.

A. Other practices also use Intelichart. If you already have an Intelichart account with another practice. Login to Intelichart with your username and PW. Then from the upper right corner, select “My Account” and then “add PIN from another Practice” and enter the pin provided by PPA. 

Q. How do I enroll my kids or see my kid information?

A. Child enrollment is a little more complicated. In general, children will be linked to their parents account. Children generally do not have their own Intelichart Portal account except for teens*. When completing enrollment by any method be sure you are clear on if you are entering your own or your child information. If PPA sends a PIN enrollment for a child, it will go to the parent’s email address. In Intelichart, click “My Account” in the upper right and then select “add Child/Dependent” it will prompt you for the PIN and DOB of the child.

*Teens are a special case, the default is that a teen is linked to parent until age 18, but in older teens it may be useful for both the teen and the parent to have access and therefore each have their own Intelichart Portal account (unique email username).  Upon enrollment, if PPA will be issuing a PIN be sure if the PIN is for the Parent Account or the Minor Account.


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