COVID-19 Vaccine Information

We are thrilled to announce Potomac Physician Associates was been selected as part of the primary care pilot to administer COVID-19 Vaccine the State of Maryland.

Washington Post SpotlightTo broaden vaccine access, Maryland turns to doctors’ offices

April 16th update: The state is shipping only 100 doses per site and it will be the MODERNA. When you get the Moderna Vaccine, you will be scheduled for your second dose at the time the first dose is given. PPA is notified on Friday at noon of how many doses we will be receiving for the next week, PPA will open the schedules Friday between 12p-4p to allow direct scheduling of appointments. We are currently making the on-call list for the Week of 4/26/2021.

April 13th update: CDC and FDA pause J&J COVID-19 Vaccine  while they investigate blood clot risks. As of April 12, more than 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine have been administered in the U.S. CDC and FDA are reviewing data involving six reported U.S. cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot in individuals after receiving the J&J vaccine reported six to 13 days after the people received the single-dose vaccine. Right now, these adverse events appear to be extremely rare, all 6 were woman  age 18-48. PPA is not giving J&J this week and will be ordering Moderna Vaccine only until J&J safety has been reconfirmed.  If you received the J&J vaccine within  the last 14 days and are not symptomatic, then no action is needed the J&J is still considered highly effective. If you are 6 to 14 days after the vaccine and have headache, bruising, neurologic symptoms or other symptoms  please set up a video visit with us ASAP so we may evaluate if any diagnostic testing is needed or go to the nearest emergency room if signs or symptoms of stroke or major bleeding.

April 12-16 update: The state will ship  a limited supply of vaccine to us (100 doses per site) instead of the 600 ordered.  We will be providing us the Moderna vaccine not the J&J. If you get the Moderna Vaccine, you will be scheduled for your second dose at the time the first dose is given. Second dose will be 4 weeks later.

April 12th update: As of 4/12/2021 we will permit scheduling of patients 18 and over. We are scheduling appointments Monday-Friday based on supply. The fastest and most efficient way to schedule is through our patient portal or website scheduling where you can directly schedule your vaccine appointment. We know appointments will fill quickly but expect more and more capacity in the coming weeks. We will also need patients willing to be “On-call” each day in case there is a no-show or cancellation as every dose from an open vial must be used by the end of the day. At each site we expect 0-3 doses to be given to on-call patients. To be on the on-call list for a given week you must be 18 or over and not had COVID-19 vaccine. You must be willing to come to the office for vaccine with 30 minutes notice. Each day we will assess how many doses are left for the day at 3:45pm, and from 3:45- 4:00 pm we will call from our on-call list. We will ask that you come to the office and get your vaccine by 4:45pm so that we can observe you for the mandatory 15-minute waiting period. To get on the On-Call list, send a message through the portal to COVID ON CALL LIST subject: ON CALL Vaccine - Week of XXX. We are currently making the on-call list for Chevy Chase and Bethesda for the Week of 4/19/2021.

Department of Health update: "The federal government has informed the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) that for the week of April 12, Week 18, Maryland will receive approximately 78,000 fewer Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses than previously projected by the federal government and face an overall federal reduction to our total first dose allocation of over 33% when compared to Week 17’s first-dose totals." PPA has been allocated 100 doses per week/site; we have requested 600 doses per week. Because we are allocated so few vaccines, we encourage our patients to register through the state mass vaccination sites and pharmacies- see link below. We have been vaccinating only patients who are 60+, OR 18+ with high-risk conditions as determined by the current state priority phase, or 18+ and African American and/or Hispanic.


Potomac Physician Associates fue seleccionado como parte del programa piloto de atención primaria para administrar la vacuna COVID-19 en el estado de Maryland.

Para ampliar el acceso a las vacunas, Maryland recurre a los consultorios médicos Estamos recibiendo la vacuna Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) COVID -19. Esta es una vacuna de una sola dosis y es muy eficaz ( (la marca de la vacuna puede variar de una semana a otra).

Noticia del Departamento de la salud: "El gobierno federal ha informado al Departamento de Salud de Maryland (MDH) que durante la semana del 12 de abril, Semana 18, Maryland recibirá aproximadamente 78,000 dosis de vacuna Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 menos que las proyectadas anteriormente. por el gobierno federal y enfrentamos una reducción federal general de nuestra asignación total de la primera dosis de más del 33% en comparación con los totales de la primera dosis de la semana 17 ." A la oficina se le han asignado 100 dosis por semana/sitio, hemos solicitado 600 dosis por semana. Debido a que se nos asignan tan pocas vacunas, animamos a nuestros pacientes a que se registren a través de los sitios y farmacias de state mass vaccination; consulte el enlace a continuación. Solo vacunamos a pacientes que tienen 60 años o más, O 18 años o más con condiciones de alto riesgo según lo determinado por la fase de prioridad estatal actual, o 18 años o más si son afroamericanos y o hispanos.

Noticia del 12 de abril: A partir del 4/12/2021 permitiremos la programación de pacientes mayores de 18 años. Estamos programando citas de lunes a viernes según el suministro. La forma más rápida y eficiente de programar es a través de nuestro portal para pacientes o la programación del sitio web, donde puede programar directamente su cita de vacunación. Sabemos que las citas se llenarán rápidamente, pero esperamos más y más capacidad en las próximas semanas. También necesitaremos pacientes dispuestos a estar "de guardia" todos los días en caso de que no se presenten o cancelen, ya que todas las dosis de un vial abierto deben usarse al final del día. En cada sitio, esperamos que se administren de 0 a 3 dosis a un paciente de guardia. Para estar en la lista de guardia durante una semana determinada, debe tener 18 años o más y no haber recibido la vacuna COVID-19. Debe estar dispuesto a venir a la oficina para recibir la vacuna con 30 minutos de anticipación. Cada día evaluaremos cuántas dosis quedan para el día a las 3:45 p. M. De 3: 45 a 4:00 p. M. Llamaremos desde nuestra lista de llamadas: primero llegue primero obtenga. Le pediremos que venga a la oficina y se vacune antes de las 4:45 para que podamos observarlo durante el período de espera obligatorio de 15 minutos. Para inscribirse en la lista On-Call, envíe un mensaje a través del portal al asunto COVID ON CALL LIST: ON CALL Vaccine – La semana de XXX. Actualmente estamos en la lista de llamadas de Chevy Chase y Bethesda para la semana del 4/19/2021.

Información Sobre la Vacuna COVID-19 

The Maryland DOH and Montgomery County provide excellent information on the vaccines and timing. Montgomery County  had enabled an email/text notification system for which we encourage you  to sign up.  

Vaccine Eligibility 

All patients 18 and above can schedule for COVID Vaccine through PPA as of April 12, 2021.

Will PPA be giving the COVID-19 Vaccine?

PPA is now giving COVID-19 vaccine based on supply. The state is shipping significantly less than ordered based on federal allocation and supply to the state.

Maryland Phased Vaccination Distribution

  • PPA will  administer to the current priority groups defined by Montgomery County and State
  • PPA will prioritize patients based on age group and medical condition.
  • PPA anticipates receiving the Moderna vaccine and/or the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine. Vaccine choice is determined by the state/federal Govt.
  • PPA Places and order each Tuesday. On Friday the State notifies us how much we will get (up to what we ordered or less).  Appointments are then opened up for scheduling the next week.  Check on Fridays and Saturdays for new vaccine appointments
  • When supply permits, we will provide vaccine at regularly scheduled office visits and schedule COVID Vaccine appointments during regular business hours.
  •  Based on supply we plan to set up evening and weekend COVID-19 vaccine clinics to allow social distancing and spacing and allow those more vulnerable to get the vaccine in an environment with minimal contact with other people. We will adjust scheduling capacity to the supply provided.
  • We are testing drive though vaccination logistics and hope to be able to provide drive through vaccination in the early spring.
  • Scheduling for COVID-19 vaccination will be available through direct scheduling on our website or patient portal.
  • Appointment for second dose (if applicable) will be scheduled at the time of first dose administration.
  • PPA has generated  high risk lists of our patients from your health record. We will notify patients of what phase we are scheduling by email and more targeted through portal and phone call. 

We expect supply to be low initially limiting our capacity but anticipate it will increase as time goes by. While supply is low, we must give it to high priority patients first. If you are not in a priority group, you will not be given the vaccine.


Where else can I get the Vaccine?

Maryland Department of Public Health: Maryland has set up public health clinics.  You may schedule or register at if you qualify for the current phase.

Montgomery County Department of Health Clinics: "You must live or work in Montgomery County to receive a vaccine dose at our clinics.
You must preregister to make an appointment. See eligible priority groups.
Please preregister online. If you need help with the form, call 240-777-2982."

John’s Hopkins Health Care 

Adventist Health Care 

Holy Cross Hospital:  "Holy Cross Health vaccination appointments are accessible through the Maryland vaccination site,

MedStar Health

Community Pharmacies:

Safeway pharmacy information and scheduling.

Giant Pharmacy information and scheduling

CVS Pharmacy information and scheduling

Walgreen Pharmacy information and scheduling

You should get vaccine wherever you are able to do so.

What is the COVID-19 vaccine?

There are currently three vaccines available in the US, from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson&Johnson. They are available under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Pfizer and Moderna are mana vaccines while the J&J uses a viral vector method.  Though initial reports might suggest the J&J is less effective it was tested on patient where the the new mutated strains were circulating whereas the first two were not.  In addition a second booster dose is being studied and may expect similar protection.  This post about the J&J vaccine is from a well known and  reputable infectious disease specialist from the Chicago area.

Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Potomac Physician Associates strongly recommends that anyone eligible should get a COVID-19 vaccine when available to them. 

Is the vaccine effective?

Based on FDA trial data, the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are about highly effective at preventing COVID-19 Infection.  J&J  is 85% effective in preventing severe/critical COVID-19 occurring at least 28 days after vaccination. These are considered a highly effective vaccines. To substantially stop the pandemic about 80% of the population will need to be vaccinated.  It is critical that anyone eligible receive the vaccine.

Is the vaccine safe?

Based upon currently available information, we believe the COVID-19 vaccine will be safe for the people covered under the initially limited FDA authorization. We have followed developments of the vaccines very closely, and we believe that proper procedures are being followed. Review this infographic from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) about how a new vaccine is developed, approved and manufactured.

At the time of this post 3/1/2021 more than 245 million doses have been given worldwide. In the US nearly 77  million doses have been given. Vaccine tracker.Significant serious adverse reaction are rare such as a small number of severe allergic reaction currently estimated at about 1 in 100,000. accessed 1/13/2021 

In comparison:

COVID-19  disease has caused over tens of  million cases with over 650,000 deaths in the U.S. 


Vaccine has been given to 77 million people with zero deaths reported, and less than 10 hospitalizations for anaphylaxis.

Vaccine is  effective at preventing COVID-19 and nearly 100% effective at preventing severe COVID-19 infection or death. When given to 85% of the population, it will prevent many hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of cases and millions of hospitalizations over the next 2 years alone.

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